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color chipsA perception exists of the design industry as a laid-back environment in which designers spend all day bathing in a warm bubble of creativity, happily soaking up inspiration everywhere they turn. This, however, can be far from the reality.

Invaluable advice for design graduates (and young designers)

11_HeadlessAny agency worth its salt has a very active internship scheme whereby the owners of the business look to harness young talent – with the view to turning them into viable creative generators of income. If this sounds rather commercial, it’s because realistically, this is how the creative industry works.

Further afield and in other sectors, internships have become the government’s bridgehead into the dangerous territory of youth unemployment within the UK. And it’s easy to see why, with one statistic reading : “One-third of this year’s graduate vacancies would be filled by applicants that had worked for the hiring organisation during their studies”

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April 2013