Where the Music took Us: Illuminating The Barbican


Seen us on the Tube yet? We hope so. We are immensely proud to reveal our work with the largest performing arts centre in Europe, The Barbican. Forming part of a three year campaign, The Barbican asked the team at Firedog to convey the emotional experience of attending a classical music concert at the venue. We were only too keen to undertake the challenge.

The full Barbican case study can be found here: http://firedog-design.co.uk/creative-results/barbican/classical-music-out-of-home-campaign/

V&A Hollywood Costume exhibition

About two weeks ago I headed over to the V&A to see their ‘Hollywood Costumes’ exhibition. I’ve been chomping at the bit to go ever since it opened, and jumped at the chance of free entry thanks to a friend’s corporate membership.

Going to an exhibition out of hours is always an odd experience. The attendees ranged from the suited and booted to the fake-spec wearing creative types, but generally all were of the young professional variety seeking a little free after-work culture (and a bar of course).


New take of the old masters

The other day I came across this post from Boooooom and it really made me laugh. A brilliant idea from Booooooom & Adobe, a competition to recreate any famous piece of art in a real photography. Some of the submissions are amazing, others… not so good – but funny though.

This challenge is aimed to students in the UK is worth £10,000 cash prize. The rules are only recreate the original picture with photography and this means no painting or drawings and the deadline end soon, so if you are interested, hurry up.

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November 2011

The beauty of imperfection

So, you spend a grand on the latest reflex camera with super wide angle zoom lens, 20 mega pixels and all this amazing technology and then you use your £1 iPhone app to make cooler pictures… Yes, the Hipstamatic app has changed the angle of taking pictures. You don’t need to know anything about exposure, apertures, metering….only open your app and click. Voila, here is your awesome picture.

If retro sneakers, bleach dye jeans, old Barbours and big framed glasses are the must have items, why not get the same retro look in your pictures?

Designer, Barcelona by birth, makes a mad tortilla, talented and rather able


April 2011

A view to kill for

PicLensA really nice piece of web kit has just caught my usually very cynical attention. It’s called PicLens and is a very simple to install extension for browser of choice, Firefox.

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