5 essential tools for music discovery

As imagined by agency : Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea

As imagined by agency : Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea

My favourite pastime is in the creation of music compilations and mixes. I’m a bit of a hangover from the early days of electronic music, and whilst the genre has truly hit the mainstream, it’s relatively easy to bring your own style into the modern mix.

It’s still possible to shun the mainstream and create something unique without emptying floors, night after night. Spinning is about having a signature style and then getting people to buy into it by curating the finest, yet potentially undiscovered music. My flavour is minimal progressive house (whatev’s grandad) and these are my five essential tools for music discovery and methods for tapping into and discovering new labels, artists and tracks (yes, Spotify does feature heavily!):

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October 2013

What We’ve Been Talking About…

bb1From that all-important final episode of Breaking Bad, to the radio station we can’t get enough of: here’s what we’ve been talking about recently in 43/44 Hoxton Square.

Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot video

Need to share this sexy animation – the music video for Breakbot, ‘Baby I’m Yours’ (2010). Designed by Irina Dakeva at WIZZ, it must have been a labour of love as it’s composed of over 2000 hand painted watercolor images and 2D animations – rotoscoped and shot in 5D for optimum quality.  Slick and stunning result!

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January 2012

Never play with Fire. Well, apart from now.

Wanna party like the Fire side of Firedog?

Oh, I was hoping you’d say yes.  Bugger.

Well, for anyone who is still reading and really does wanna hear what stokes the creativity of the design fire, then click here to listen to our spotify playlist. You can always re-e-wind and listen to it again. Yeah! that’s right playa, it does include a little ditty from the undisputed drunken step-father of UK garage, Mr Craig David.

The rest is actually quite good though.

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March 2011

Arcade Fire Poster

It’s a perfect moment to post this amazing poster as Arcade Fire is now one of the big bands after getting the 2011 Brit Award for Best International Album for their third album, The Suburbs. The poster was created by Barcelona-based artist Alex Trochut, using denim, embroidery and bleach.

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February 2011