Branding your Start-up

Mission&Vision2You’ve just started up your own business. You’ve got the ideas, and you’ve got the drive, but do you know how to truly “sell” your business, or how to get that vital second stage VC funding? Packaging is the key to any good product, and we’re not just talking about aesthetics. The way you “wrap” your business stems from an intricate plan that involves smart positioning, clarifying your proposition and communicating it effectively.

{Firedog has recently conducted an open studio workshop for Digital Shoreditch 2015. This paper summarises the topics covered.}


This article deals with taking your idea to market, and some of the steps you will need to take. It is important to understand that this is not a magical or creative process. In fact, it’s rather logical and methodical. The process has many names, depending on where you turn. Broadly speaking, this process is called “positioning”. Be warned, this undertaking is not easy; you’ll need to torture yourself in order to get the best result. Yes, you can pay an agency a princely sum to do this for you, but the important thing to bear in mind is that you are not buying creative talent, you’re buying strategic thinking. And strategic thinking is something you will need yourself (in spades) if you are looking to succeed. You should therefore be able to create most of the strategic framework yourself. If I were to suggest any investment, I would advise a copywriter first and foremost. Then, my next hire would be an eager, recently post grad publicist.

Managing and Creative Director, digital music nut, traditional pen and paper fan yet loves all things clickaty blinky


June 2015

In search of authenticity – what “craft” design says about the current human condition


There has been a design movement brewing for the last few years. No more so than in our little neighbourhood of Shoreditch. It has become very hard to ignore the growth in “craft” design.

Managing and Creative Director, digital music nut, traditional pen and paper fan yet loves all things clickaty blinky


March 2015

The Firedog Roundup: Joyce Didonato, Art vs Machine and our nationwide campaign

The Firedog studios have been kept very busy these last few weeks. Our nationwide offshore wind campaign for DONG Energy UK is up in most tube stations and is featured in the national and regional press. In other news, read about our Hoxton Square BBQ and Joyce Didonato’s Barbican performance.


Our latest campaign for DONG Energy UK

The weekly roundup: fake sculptures, hand-crafted typography and a new website launch

el_280714_01-630x354Fabrice Le Nezet’s fake sculptures in Dalston Junction sparked debates this week. When we spend most of our time glued to screens, does it even matter whether a piece of artwork exists in the physical world? We’ve also been looking at hand drawn typography, discussing the significance of hackathons and have just launched our biggest website to date. Read on.

The weekly roundup: Kemistry gallery, geek football and a new team page

927750_285033068342671_576141533_aIt may have been overcast in London this week, but our spirits have been higher than the Brazilian football team’s. We headed to Kemistry gallery’s latest exhibition, looked at the relationship between data and football, and launched our brand new team page!