New renewables brand identity created for emerging EV sector

Evenergi Logo

Evenergi Logo

We have recently completed a new corporate identity for an exciting new entry into the UK renewables sector.

Evenergi is a UK based start-up which is driven by a mission to make the driving of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) more affordable, sustainable, and simple to understand. They have a vision of assisting in the decarbonisation of our planet via fuelling the broad adoption of electric transport over traditional fossil-based motoring.

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August 2018

Carried away by classical: our latest Barbican campaign

Danielle2014_AW_webFollowing a hugely successful campaign last September, the latest instalment of our three year partnership with The Barbican is now live. The Centre’s aim is to convey the emotional experience of attending a concert and to resonate with a younger audience.

Classical music is often perceived as stuffy or elitist. Our solution was the “Dreamscape”; a series of posters that revived impressions of classical. Integrated urban and natural landscapes reflected the genre’s richness. To appeal to the young professionals segment, the posters were bright, engaging and featured “ordinary” people dressed in t-shirts and hoodies. The entire campaign was designed, photographed, illustrated and post-produced within the Firedog studios.

Why offshore wind works

Our ads have been up in tube stations across London

The UK is the global leader in offshore wind. We have the largest offshore wind farm in the world and generate enough energy to potentially power the whole country three times over. Despite these impressive statistics, offshore wind is often shrouded in myths.

To tackle these misperceptions, DONG Energy UK commissioned Firedog Creative to produce a nationwide campaign. This is the first of its kind to promote offshore wind power for the sole purpose of informing public opinion.

A full rebrand for the British Horseracing Authority

2014-08-19 11_23_52-BrandLockup_RGB.jpg - Windows Picture and Fax ViewerThe British Horseracing Authority is effectively the guardian of horseracing. This is the UK’s second largest sporting industry and second largest sporting employer. Given this position, it’s essential that the BHA communicates its world-class presence. A full rebrand has provided the governing body with a consistent, powerful and modern new positioning.

New website design and build for the British Horseracing Authority

2Horses_Billboardback_BHA copyFrom Ascot first-timers to eagle-eyed bookmakers, the BHA aims to be the first port of call for any horseracing query. Effectively the guardian of horseracing, the BHA’s role is to provide information to a wide range of audiences.