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Adobe Kuler

I recently stumbled across this fantastic time-saving product for designers called Adobe Kuler. It’s a web-hosted application, providing free colour themes that can be used by anybody.

As a design professional there will always be a situation, where it’s hard to find the right colour theme for a project. Although loads of good books on colour theory have been written, most designers simply do not have the time to delve into a study of the complexities of using colour.

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March 2011

World-famous brand evolutions

I came across this site whilst doing some research – it’s a concise look at the evolution of some of the biggest and longest-running brands’ logos over the last 100 years or so. Must have taken this guy some time to collate all the different logo forms for each brand, but it’s resulted in a very useful overview. They’re all here, Apple, Walmart, Nike… Amongst other things, I can’t believe Canon haven’t changed their logo for over 50 years! And unlike their now renowned simple and slick logo (and business ethic), Apple in fact began with an extremely complicated original logo back in 1976.

Check out the study here

The evolution of the Apple brand

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February 2011