10 questions you should always ask your prospective creative agency

pic_lightsTendering is like dating: dressed to impress and playing to their strengths, both parties are hoping to find the right fit. While sparks may fly from the offset, do you remember everything you’d so rationally thought through before the pitch? Our Account Director, Hannah Barton, outlines the most important questions to ask your prospective agency.


The Firedog coffee league

download (1)Having worked at Firedog for over two and a half years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting clients all across London in different offices, with a variety of drink making apparatus. My meetings are usually interesting and full of project information.

BUT BEWARE: for at least 30 seconds of the meeting I will be judging you on your drink standards and skills.

Account Director, List-oholic, festival queen and cheese enthusiast.


March 2014

Engage your own audience, utilise your own data…because the media doesn’t care

Free our activistsOver the last week, I’ve been surprised about the lack of airtime given to the capture of 30 Greenpeace members by Russian authorities.

Having  just listened to the morning news confirms that it’s a non-story. The capture doesn’t feature amongst the top stories on the BBC news website, yet the stories “why do people lie about their age” and “GTA V gamers warned about bug” do!

Bouygues UK updated website design and build

Bougyes_website_homeWe have recently updated the Bouygues UK website design with extensive changes following the acquisition of companies across the UK. This move required a new market facing structure for the company and therefore an extensive update to the site to reflect the changes.

The main challenge of this project was finding a way to show the new structure of the company under the Bouygues UK name which gave users the information they needed quickly but didn’t alienate the clients of the newly acquired companies.

What is PriceRunner? Animated video

PriceRunnerBack in 2011, Firedog worked with PriceRunner on their brand positioning and logo design. As a part of this project, we identified that many people don’t understand what it is that PriceRunner do or what differentiates them from their competitors.

Language guidelines were created to ensure that all copy on the website was friendly and personable, like PriceRunner. More of an explanation was needed – we realised a video was required.

Account Director, List-oholic, festival queen and cheese enthusiast.


June 2013