11 new dating websites sure to hit the spot

up-dating_adAfter a heap of online dating disappointments, are you still struggling to find your better half this Valentine’s Day?

Trust us, it’s not you, it’s them.

While most dating websites merely cover the basics, we get down to the nitty gritty of what you’re really looking for in that special someone.

From height specification to intellectual snobbery, we’ve created 11 brand new online dating websites categorising people in ways that would make Society raise its perfectly PC eyebrows.

PriceRunner – New digital brand identity

During the second half of the year, Firedog has been excitedly working away on the PriceRunner brand refresh. The refreshed visual identity, logo and website header is the first brand refresh in the company’s 12 year history and went live at the end of November.

The refresh was influenced by softening the brand image, as research states that many people do not trust shopping comparison sites and frequently confuse them with the financial comparison sites that spend large budgets on advertising campaigns.

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December 2011

2011 Brand Design Trends

Logo Lounge have updated their yearly analysis of logo design trends, its always a useful read and some valuable insight can be strained/gained…

Read the article here

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May 2011

The shockingly new London 2012 logo. Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.Not to jump on the band wagon and pan a fellow design company, but Wolf Olins have really got it wrong this time around. (Or at least the third time around for the fine purveyors of the BA tailfin fiasco and the off-brand Abbey dibacle). For a brand logo to work it has to follow a few simple rules, before you move on to the subject of strategy. And when it comes to this execution it really does feel like the £300 000 budget was split £299 999 strategy and £1 design.

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June 2007

Branding made redundant!

Chaise loungeAs a London branding agency, we are often questioned on our fees. How do you cost for branding? And what is this branding malarkey anyways? As you may have read on many different fellow agency

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December 2005