How to write a proper creative brief

brains-11Whether you’re a client writing a brief for an agency or an agency Account Director writing for your colleagues, the brief has moved from a “nice-to-have” firmly into the realms of the “must-have.”

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April 2015

Why offshore wind works

Our ads have been up in tube stations across London

The UK is the global leader in offshore wind. We have the largest offshore wind farm in the world and generate enough energy to potentially power the whole country three times over. Despite these impressive statistics, offshore wind is often shrouded in myths.

To tackle these misperceptions, DONG Energy UK commissioned Firedog Creative to produce a nationwide campaign. This is the first of its kind to promote offshore wind power for the sole purpose of informing public opinion.

Unforgettable stadium moments

Tommy LeeWith World Cup hype dominating the headlines, we consider the stadiums that hold these momentous events. Throughout history, stadiums have become platforms from which to spread propaganda or rally for social injustice. Just look at Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Olympics or Bob Geldof’s Live Aid efforts. Stadiums have been sites of tragedy, as well as catalysts for change. Spanning almost a century and covering all corners of the globe, we pick the most memorable stadium moments of all time.

When functional design leads to bursts of creativity

WW II Nose Art (5)“I’m a designer.” Do hugely successful ad campaigns, slick furniture or stylish interiors come to mind? How about aeroplane nose art, coffins, or rubbish bins? Design is everywhere, and not all designers reflect life in Mad Men. Here’s our pick of the best design in situations that are ordinarily functional.

Revolting moments in design

Fountain“Ye are many, they are few.” So ended the first May Day speech in 1890. Protests in Warsaw ghettos, uprisings against apartheid and the Portugese Revolution: May Day has a history of spirited revolt. Sparking both reverence and revulsion, design has repeatedly echoed this single-minded drive for change. We take you through the centuries.