Christmas ads across the continent

2014-12-17 11_19_59-Weihnachtszeit mit REWE - YouTube_edited“A trafficked penguin, a creepy talking doll and trench warfare.” That’s Charlie Brooker’s roundup of this year’s Christmas ads. Stepping further afield, here’s how the rest of the world has been getting in the consumer spirit.




E-cards: saving our planet but destroying our souls?

2013-12-20 17_23_22-Moonpig - Personalised Cards - Birthday Cards - Greeting CardsThe debate over physical vs digital cards is particularly revived at Christmas time. Sticklers for traditional pen and paper harp on about the sentimentality of receiving something tangible. Those in favour of E-cards realistically point out that after Christmas, physical cards only add to the unnecessary clutter in our lives. So, which is best?

All we want for Christmas: where we’re heading this December

‘Tis the season to be jolly. If you’re anything like us, though, streets saturated with panicky shoppers and their sizeable goods evoke anything but merriment. As Christmas is the season of goodwill, we thought we’d share our favourite – and much less crowded – places to soak up the Christmas spirit.

BaUJIFDCcAEtyWFStarting with the shopping, there are a few places that always provide a refreshing alternative to the high street. While the Columbia Road flower market flourishes every weekend, Christmas Wednesdays on the street don’t disappoint either. For the eighth year running, the shops of Columbia Road will be opening on Wednesday nights in December. Around 40 independent outlets display vintage fashion, off-beat artwork, original homewares, quirky trinkets and delicious deli goods. An almost Dickensian atmosphere is created with the street’s luminous shop windows and carol singers.

No more West End Xmas shopping boredom!

BoxparkIt’s the time of year where we need to rush out and stock up on Christmas presents for our friends and families. Even though the vast majority of Londoners buy their presents online (do we?) – There still is a time and place for soaking up the spirit and hitting the streets.

And what is more, you don’t have to rely on the nightmare crowds (and tourists) of the West End – There are plenty of less populated, and probably more interesting places to visit. Here are a couple of destinations that have been tickling our fancy this month.

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December 2011

Merry Christmas from Firedog (Free gift included)

Balls for xmasAfter all of the recent press regarding the ‘outrage against non-Christmas cards‘ (Telegraph 10/12/06), we at Firedog thought it would be vitally important, and essential to the wellbeing of our future generations, to highlight the fact that Christmas is a festive holiday, full of cheer, kindness and it would never be the same if brussel sprouts adorned our mantle pieces wishing us a happy ‘Winter Festival’.

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December 2006