We developed a number of creative avenues, which explored a central conceptual idea based on a strong iconic feel. Early on, we struck upon the idea of a balanced perspective, a key business value. The development of the brand concept played with the idea of visual balance and how we could relate it back to this proposition. The final Vitruvian logo and icon conveys a formal yet intriguing brand spirit. The identity revolves around the essence of quality. Here, printing proofs control the output of stationery. A subtle visual pattern device is used throughout the identity, conveying quality and prestige. The somewhat mystical icon creates intrigue and creates a memorable experience. The identity revolves around the balanced and centered identity with little other clutter. The homepage is striking and features a confident brand proposition at the top To showcase Vitruvian Partners' success and current investments, we created an interactive portfolio Vitruvian Partners wanted to feature their press releases more prominently on the site. Here, the user can read a synopsis of the the article and download the full pdf if they wish