Unspun has a unique proposition around removing the spin from PR and communications. This led us to developing strategic ideas on how best to carry this message in a memorable way. We explored the themes around spin and the more obvious creative avenues - Such as spun materials, silk and the like. We stumbled across this idea that a spider, without the ability to spin - Would be quite a useless animal. The idea of the predator being made defenceless is an interesting proposition. Along with the spider, we created a number of more minimal brand marks and identities. The spider wins through! The final identity is the perfect combination, with a memorable visual icon wrapped in a contemporary brand mark. The simple yet vivid colour palette ensures both standout and a hint of the dynamic nature of the business. The deliverables included a full set of corporate stationery, folders and datasheets. The brand created could be used locked up in unison or used seperately for effect. We developed a short but comprehensive set of guidelines, enabling the further development of the brand. The brand mark can be applied in the three key colours, depending on application.