Stanhope PLC

Who was the client

Stanhope is a best in breed commercial property developer. It has 25 years experience and over £10Billion worth of completed projects.



The work

Research • Design for print

The brief

Create a brochure that communicates the project’s commitment to sustainability to the community. The brochure needed to ooze the combined commitment to recycling, sustainable and environmentally sensitive development practices.

The solution

We designed an A4 landscape gate-fold brochure that offered bespoke photography of Unilever House in London. The brochure was printed on 100% recycled stock to further enforce the commitment to sustainable practices. The communication was designed to highlight what practices are enforced on site and which areas of the building have been recycled. It was imperitive to communicate a corporate social responsibility message to the market.

The results

The publication was exceptionally received by both Unilever and Stanhope and it reflected greatly on the development – A beacon for sustainable development in the UK.

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