The idea behind the concept - Sportingbet dominates the field, no matter your environment or location. This is the London south bank and Sportingbet owned imagery. Ice hockey being big in the Czech Republic led us to create this image. The concept is designed to make the players feel as close to their environment as possible. The cover of the report shows the Wolverhampton strip and Sportingbet sponsorship - A key promotional part of the brand. In Australia - Horseracing is the name of the game. On the left, regional facts and figures add weight to the image concept. The spread for the UK brought the latest news of the movement of Sportingbet onto the official list of the LSE. We unearthed numerous facts and figures from the editorial copy to create a lighter, more informed and quicker read. We shot the board members in full length imagery to compliment the visual concept. The emphasis shifted even more to the digital reporting platform compared to previous years - With more content and interactivity. The fullpage imagery integrated nicely into the digital format. A quick spot of competitive tennis in front of the Sagrada Familia. The design of the site whilst informed by the print version - Followed site best practise to enable clear reading of content. Players battle it out amongst the Acropolis. The layout of the online version kept the content and facts and figures within their dedicated silos so that they could be content managed and updated seperately. The combination of illustrated stats and figures, structured copy and evocative sports based imagery makes for an absorbing and very successful publication.