The brand is synonymous with outstanding return on investment capital, yet the client wished to express their diversity of offer and additional services through a more holistic promise. SavillsIM is a great deal more than a pure property investment business. Our job was to show complexity of offer, yet within an attractive and simple proposition. Early exploration focussed around multi-dimensional design and form. A new positioning was chosen which allowed us to capitalise on the play on words - in this case; <i>From all angles</i>. Early conceptual development emphasised the brand narrative by expressing three dimensions and architectural form. Our concept utilised an established brand icon, the square; combined with positioning statement and a unique image treatment. As with many modern brands, imagery was limited to availability of existing stock. We post produced the images to contain reflections of the subject matter, which tied in nicely with the dimensional promise. The images contained a mixed blue gradient which linked in back to the SavillsIM brand. The imagery and brand device are combined with dynamic structured shapes which creates a formal yet somewhat contemporary feel. The extended colour palette allowed us to combine the formal blues with more unexpected complimentary colours. We created a suite of direct sales and communications materials, combined with a series of custom infographics. The primary channel for the rebrand process was the development of an refreshed online identity geared at enhancing brand equity and reputation. The brand identity was underwritten with a comprehensive brand guideline kit which allowed third parties to develop cohesive communications. We have developed a supporting international PR campaign to raise visibility and awareness. Search online for Dynamic Cities.