The brand logic behind the identity is based on the fact that all core Sasol products are built around a Hydrogen Carbon atom combination. In addition, the six atoms represent their six business and products units. The icon and type work together, conveying an identity rooted in the spirit of the pioneer. The Sasol wordmark was crafted by hand, and pays homage to both the preceding brand and the concept of new technology. Sasol, although a massive multinational, has its origins in South Africa. Turn the TV channel to any international rugby game and you will see their sponsorship emblazoned across the South African kit. The detailed nature of the identity is controlled by a supporting clean white framework. Sasol actively engages in sponsorship in both rally and track motorsports. Sasol has a large fleet of all types of vehicles. Guidelines were produced for all shapes and sizes. The blue and white brand colours are used extensively in signage and in environmental feature design, aiding standout and recognition.