We were given the name Rocudo to start with - And quickly set our minds in motion around creating conceptual themes that explored the business offer. We looked at working with the R initial, but felt we were missing a trick with communicating the product magic. The creative team love music software. We had a look at some leading forces of both hardware and software and studied their brand language. We created a number of concepts exploring different ways of capturing the product essence. The final chosen symbol for Rocudo is inspired by an old reel to reel device, which hints at the remixing nature of the software platform. We loved the fact that the symbol is so pure. Which suits the digital medium perfectly. Its easy to reproduce at small sizes and acts as a strong badge device in the interface itself. To support the brand, we started to look at visual treatments that would enforce and communicate the capabilities of both the brand and the product itself. We offset the black primary colour of the brand with an imagery style showing people in dynamic poses. The rainbow colour grad adds to the effect. For the web front end, we developed a glossy look and feel that suits the aesthetic of the target market. The rocudo desktop software is controlled via a central dashboard. Firedog developed the full user interface for a number of screens within the software. Here, the user selects clips for the mix. We also advised on usability and functionality behind the interface logic, and then added our slick treatment over the top of the agreed layout. A key deliverable was the design of a series of widgets created to integrate with leading social networks.