RECM came to Firedog with a garish identity (In silver and orange) which did not convey their values. Our first step was to redefine the logotype and create a confident and serious colour palette. We wanted to convey the brand essence through a memorable visual language. We created a strategic positioning around a contrarian theme. We developed a visual story which would support and convey the brand. We commissioned an up and coming sculptor to create an artwork inspired by the business proposition that we had created. We then commissioned a photographer to capture the entire process from start to finish over a period of two weeks. The creative collaboration provided unique and powerful imagery. The sculptor created a strong iconic piece, which not only supports the brand identity, but resides permanently in the RECM headquarters. The subsequent communications for the brand deliberately restricted the visual look and feel to the primary elements, creating a cohesive and striking identity. We created the messaging within the themes of the artistic process - structuring the copy so that the audience could easily grasp the key messages. Here, the message of strong foundations in investing, is shown in parallel with the sculptors own due diligence. One of the key ideas behind the brand story was to create a narrative which took a somewhat formal sector to another level. We provided the background story behind the imagery, in order for the print to be inspiring and retained by the reader. The completed identity brings together a broad set of assets within a structured framework resulting in a stimulating and dynamic identity. The identity extended to all facets of the business - Using the simple logotype, combined with a clean layout style and supported by the brand visual metaphor.