Who was the client

PropellerNet. A leader in the UK Search Engine Marketing industry.


The work

Online strategy • Architecture • Website

The brief

We identified the fact that a lot of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) organisations typically overload their prospective clients with heavy industry-specific jargon… This jargon is not always easily understood by the chief decision maker who typically owns the business. Therefore, Firedog’s challenge was to create a design that broke the jargon mould and offered simple, effective sales proposition for non-technical people to understand. Another objective was to create a pleasing and memorable web experience and avoid cliches typical of the SEM sector (traffic lights, green lights, go icons etc.)

The solution

It was imperative that the home page was clear and not overloaded with sales-orientated information. It needed to communicate the personality and friendliness of PropellerNet. We therefore made sure that we used as little text as possible, and reinforced the brand that people would have seen at other brand touch-points. The copy referred to the overuse of ‘jargon’ within the industry and instead gave a very human and approachable impression of PropellerNet as an SEM supplier. The light style gives a friendly impression of a company committed to bespoke solutions – not a ‘techy’ ready to confuse you.

The results

To ensure people were hooked into the site, and indeed PropellerNet’s services, we used eye-catching imagery selling ‘free market research’. This ensured contact was made as soon as possible. The jet streams run from top to bottom on the sublevel pages to pay homage to the brand at all times.

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