Who was the client

PropellerNet. A leader in the UK Search Engine Marketing industry.


The work

Branding • Stationery • Website • Exhibitions

The brief

Design & manage a brand perception survey that allows us to determine valuable customer and brand insights • Provide a follow-up research report on current brand perceptions and provide strategic recommendations for driving the brand forward • Re-brand PropellerNet as an SEO agency and re-position the company as an industry leader in SEM industry • Apply new branding to a range of primary and secondary applications (exhibitions stand, stationery, signage etc.) • Develop new website architecture, design website front-end and produce an associated build kit

The solution

Key insights derived from our brand perception survey indicated that clients felt that PN were a great company to work with. The results indicated that they were friendly, approachable, sensitive to client needs and came across as people who really know their stuff.

We also felt that actual propellers as a visual device seemed like a dated concept so we went one step further and introduced the rocket concept which in effect uses propellers and propulsion but to a greater effect. The visual language communicated by the branding is friendly and approachable and says that PN are a fun company to work with.

The results

We explored numerous illustration styles for the rocket and finally settled on the cartoon-based illustration as this was fun and well received by our testing audience. The rocket gave us ample opportunity to develop engaging headlines and campaigns, which has been clearly demonstrated by the exhibition stand and home page design. We also introduced a sales message that uniquely positioned PN as a jargon-free SEM consultancy.

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