Firedog was tasked with creating a unique brand which would stand out within the virtual and online retail space. We researched and conceptualised the creation of a PriceRunner mascot which would be used together with a newly developed wordmark. The brief was to ensure that the brands message of exuberance and support carried through to the widest possible audience. It was decided that the icon itself should be developed to carry an exciting identity, rather than placing equity in a supportive device - We looked at breathing life into the existing runner mark. The icon design explored various directions in tone and spirit, from casual to more contemporary. The resulting brand represents a fresh yet evolutionary approach. The Swedish colour palette of blue and yellow ensures the brand retains its heritage and also creates a unique brand look and feel. The icon is used dynamically, creating stand-out. The branding has been rolled out across all the digital touchpoints. The branding has been applied to an interim site build, ahead of a full visual identity scheme which follows in the near future. We have created a full set of tone and brand guidelines designed to support the internal PriceRunner marketing teams. The resulting brand is clean yet lively.