We established quite quickly through research that NetNames had a positive reputation for fighting for and protecting online brands. Our early conceptual reflections entertained communicating strength through bold, visceral imagery. Our inspiration was drawn from the natural honeycomb structure bees create to protect their larvae. We created a flexible hexagonal grid which constrained the identity to particular angles, forms and functions. We created a unique brand identity system created from a series of building blocks, paired with bright colours and contemporary type. The visual identity extended across the entire brand. We developed a custom toolkit of infographics which would be used in communications. The resulting brand identity enabled NetNames to create brand stories using unique and quirky iconography which linked to positioning statements. The flexibility of the system allowed us to create a myriad of different brand illustrations and assets. The brand became instantly recognisable in low intensity situations. The combination of structured graphics, bright colour, white space and clean typography immediately creates a premium contemporary aesthetic. Working with the brand paradoxically lends itself to the creative usage of an established system and set of rules. The simplicity of the visual devices render beautifully in the digital environment. We created a brand library which enabled internal staff and other third parties to extend the language into day to day communications. The visual identity works hard on its own, without the need of the brand mark.