Brand workshops, one to one surveys and staff research kicked off the process, culminating in an extensive strategic framework. Our brand mood boards focused on usages of iconic, simplistic, bold and colourful symbols. Standout was our key objective. Neon is a wonderfully simple name, connected to an entire world of properties and meanings. We wanted to express its exuberant nature through hand cut type and icons. The client was quite keen on using a combination of icon and typography. We explored various styles of type and form. The creative brand concepts became all linked to a bold, striking aesthetic. The final brand mark relies on hand cut rounded type, combined with a symbol which both reflects the initial N character as well as the tubular nature of Neon bulbs. A single colour version of the mark was created afresh, to be used for etching, merchandising and single colour print. We created the symbol in three dimensions, for usage in signage and wayfinding. In this way, we could replicate the transparency in the static mark utilising overlapping planes. We wanted to create a unique image treatment for the brand. We became fascinated with imagery where the photographer had distorted colour channels to create unique effects. As with most brands on a budget, Neon were reticent to spend money on a shoot. Therefore, we created ownership of basic stock imagery with a unique 'Neonised' treatment. A big part of the core briefing was to create physical standout in the crowded Lloyd's marketplace. Here is the sign on the trading floor in London. The digital channel for Neon is cohesively linked by usage of the dynamic imagery and clear, bright typography. We have been working together with both London and Bermuda offices. Here is an advertising campaign for the America's Cup sailing event. The identity utilises a combination of bright acidic colours, combined with plenty of white in order to retain a contemporary yet controlled feel. The print and stationery look and feel is simple, bright and bold. We utilised a contemporary rounded germanic font to add to the overall feel. The subsequent visual identity utilises the core nature of the brand mark yet extends it into a flexible and dynamic system. The graphic devices can be used on their own, or they can also be used dynamically to hold various treated imagery. The branding process was supported by a comprehensive brand, spirit, communications and digital guideline kit. Overall, we are very pleased with the overall impact of the simple, yet bold, identity.