For the visual identity, we wanted to explore the combination of European trading heritage and a nautical theme, due to the dominance of the Mediterranean sea within the historical context We were also intrigued by the family advisory offering provided by the firm so we also explored historical trading families such as the Medici. All these influences come to bear on the resulting identity. We focussed in three conceptual threads - These were all tightly aligned to the same strategy yet carried varying values and degrees of tradition. Our more contemporary explorations studied the glass industry of Murano and how this may be used to influence an identity After further refinement we settled on the concept of using a flagship icon to portray both leadership yet also stability and focus. The greater concept implied a firm course and stable journey through a turbulent environment We combined the ship symbol with a clean and progressive type family ensuring that whilst we paid homage to origins we were also able to break from tradition We further added to the contemporary nature of the identity by developing a modular look and feel system which allowed for a dynamic and subtly variable identity The choice of nautical imagery was carefully controlled to stay away from cliches whilst communicating strength and focus We extended the visual brand identity into three web domains covering off UK, European and American regional products The identity also simplifies into a clean look and feel applied to stationery and corporate correspondence The identity is progressive yet retains a strategic brand story which gives it a sense of legacy