Who was the client is a group offer within Nick House Entertainment (nhe group), established in early 1999. The group offers consultancy on all areas within the bar, restaurant and nightclub industry.


The work

Branding • Design for print • Promotions

The brief

Develop the existing marque whilst retaining 8 year’s of equity built up in the original marque • Apply new branding across sub-brands whilst creating a consistent LP look & feel • Create look & feel guidelines so that in-house designers can work within parameters.

The solution

We contemporised the identity and designed a monogram that would be consistently applied across the series of sub-brands. We created an upmarket ‘luxury brand’ feel by replicating the LP monogram similar to upmarket fashion branding. We then created a series of five designs for each one of the sub-brands handled by londonparties.

The results

The new branding has been applied across the all company touch-points including websites, T-shirts, matches, wallpapers etc.

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