The research was followed up with a comprehensive strategic framework, which allowed for an accurate brand positioning. Unifying diverse cultures across the world behind a single rallying standard became the core remit behind the branding process. With more than 250 respondents from across the globe, we were able to deeply analyse current perceptions around the brand. We used research findings and strategic insights to develop a unified global brand positioning. Our visual identity look and feel concept became inspired by the idea of global connectivity mashed up with a contemporary nautical twist. The brand mark existed already, and research showed that the icon was quite popular and unique. So we built further brand equity beyond the mark with a striking visual mnemonic. The graphic system is supported by abstract horizon based seascapes which create a calm backdrop to the overlapping shapes. Imagery and graphic devices interact in a system which is both random, yet controlled at the same time. The brand identity was also applied to a sister business, Longitude Engineering, with an adaptation of colour palette and imagery. Longitude retained all the principals of the LOC identity and this has been applied to both offline and online communications. The delivery of a new global group website was a core deliverable for the project. The graphic device within the visual identity can be used in a variety of formats, whether full bleed or as a little cropped vignette. The resulting identity creates a very striking aesthetic and delivers against the brief perfectly.