A brand audit highlighted key issues within the existing branding. The relevance of the original logo was brought to light; stakeholders' feedback was that the logo resembled a slug in a marble Extensive research uncovered the brand's core values. Part of this research included asking stakeholders for the words and values they would most likely ascribe to Lloyd & Partners Inspired by the research workshops, we came up with the brand's strategic proposition message of 'Collaboration through positive aggression' A number of initial routes were sketched out, some focusing on a symbol and others purely on a typographic word mark; all of which could later be further developed A variety of logo concepts were developed, each taking influence from the brand's strategic proposition message of 'Collaboration through positive aggression' The final logo features a stacked slab serif typeface with a distinctive ampersand device Imagery plays a key part in the brand's look and feel; we applied images that were high contrast, future-focused, dynamic and inspirational. This further reflects the brand's values Large imagery is used throughout the brand's printed communications, which also utilises lots of white space to hold both type and the brand mark The business card is clear and concise, letting the other printed communications do the speaking Lloyd & Partners' new  brand identity translates seamlessly across both printed and digital applications The unique ampersand from in the brand logo is used in conjunction with brand messages, which reinforces the idea of collaboration In order to keep control of the brand identity and make sure all applications are consistent, a detailed brand guidelines was produced for all Lloyd & Partners staff, as well as external agencies.