The project kicked off with a study across inspirational marketing. We looked at sports and arts influences. For the second year of the campaign we developed the imagery to contain real students. We ran a competition to get the young people involved. The campaign has been applied to both 48 and 96 sheet billboards around London. The students were encouraged to jump about on a trampoline, creating vibrant and energetic poses. We supported these with colourful graphics which pay homage to the original Lewisham College identity. The layout elements which rest on black are scalable and variable, which makes the campaign easy to roll out across all media. The campaign has also been applied to Adshels and other vertical media. The client has wisely chosen bus routes that run through the surrounding area, as a tactical strategy for increasing local awareness. From even the first year campaign, featured here, it has always been important for the target audience to project themselves within the campaign. The campaign utilised the powerful imagery to its greatest effect supported with hard hitting copy and a strong call to action. The campaign extended to local press. This image shows the arts, creativity and beauty application. The campaign also extended to merchandising - Such as a handy travelcard wallet. Very useful in London!