The course guide forms a natural extension to the Lewisham brand identity, also completed by Firedog. The guides consistantly use engaging imagery coupled with bright colours. The publication reaches the widest possible audience via the use of sophisticated yet friendly design aesthetics. The listings have been carefully crafted for ease of reading and reference. The course guides, whilst containing a different look year on year, all carry the same Lewisham brand values. We worked with the client team to carefully select and utilise confident and appealing imagery, always focussed on the student. Two course guides showing how the brand language has been extended. Coupled with the delivery of the course guide, a specialised publication - The Adult Listings, focussed at the adult learner. As most of the course publications are over 100 pages, we ensure a dynamic read by providing a number of varied page layouts. We also have integrated the visual language with the above the line campaign materials which preceded the guide. This helps the audience make a connection between the materials. The resulting combination of formal layouts and dynamic imagery makes for both a confident yet accessible publication. The vibrancy and use of both graphic shapes and imagery creates a striking publications visual identity.