Who was the client

Jiglu.com (US & Europe) have developed a pioneering new tagging technology for blogs and web content.


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The work

Brand positioning & Brand strategy • Website design • Identity and messaging development for product and community • User interface, widget and API design

The brief

Jiglu’s intelligent plug-in software (commonly called a ‘widget’) automatically creates relevant tags by sifting through web content and linking the most important information together. The technology that drives the product is incredibly sophisticated, yet has a simple, easy to use interface and free plug and play installation. Jiglu is set to revolutionise tagging as we know it. Jiglu have also created a community service driven by similar principals – intelligently linking email topics and discussion threads with relevant tags within a dedicated community space.

Firedog was briefed to: Define and create a new global technology brand that easily communicates the benefits of Jiglu’s technology to key audiences (bloggers, web authors, content developers) • Define website strategy, develop website wire-frames & design Jiglu and Jigluhood (community) websites • Provide launch support for Jiglu at the ‘TechCrunch 40′ Conference in San Francisco

The solution

We were lucky enough to inherit the brand name Jiglu which is a portmanteau of the words ‘jigsaw’ and ‘glue’. This is inherently what Jiglu does. It pieces together relevant bits of web content via

complex algorithms that works out what’s related to what contextually. We needed to create a brand that could easily communicate the benefits of the technology, thereby allowing the average blogger to get to grips with what the technology does and how it would benefit their content. To do this we developed the concept of the Jiglu man. Our rather flexible and hard-working friend was designed to reinforce the fact that Jiglu busies itself with working out what’s linked contextually. It’s an automated process that requires very little input from the author. The Jiglu man works tirelessly (like us Firedogs.) to piece together all the relevant bits of content. For Jiglu’s community offering, we developed the concept of the ‘Jigluhood’ based on the rationale that online content, within a community framework, should be easily accessible and ordered, similar to how we all usually have an in-depth knowledge of our very own neighborhoods.

The results

The product launched with a bang at the TechCrunch conference and has been growing ever since. Recently it has also been extended into an enterprise platform.

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