Early research highlighted key areas to address; notably improving the site's readability and to encourage user discovery The site uses tagging and categorisation to create relevant user journeys whilst browsing. Extensive planning at this stage  informs the build process later Taxonomy structure and a full interactive site map were produced as an end result of the site planning A full interactive wire frame was produced to understand potential user journeys and routes to various content Our focus was to create an engaging and content-focused user experience We created two distinctive concepts - one concept made use of full screen background videos The homepage features impactful video content and imagery, as well as a simple and confident use of typography The wall is where users are able to filter and explore a multitude of engaging content. The page is fully responsive to browser widths Case studies are vital for Inition; we created a design that allowed for multiple content types in an easy to digest format Accessing and using the site on mobile devices was a necessity. All pages were strategically planned to allow for optimal results in any environment On mobile devices, imagery, background videos and typography are optimised for comfortable viewing experiences The site is very easy to use on mobile - buttons and spacing allow for easy navigation The strategy, design and build has been incredibly successful for Inition. The site is being used for much longer, mobile usage has dramatically improved and customer feedback has been exemplary