Who was the client

Inclarity Ltd is a global provider of next generation telecommunications solutions, featuring a Hosted VoIP telephony system for business.


The work

Architecture / Wireframes • Web design • Prototype

The brief

In conjunction with the Firedog Inclarity branding project, we were tasked with designing and creating the front end for the Inclarity corporate website. The online adaptation of the brand needed to communicate Inclarity’s dynamic presence yet reassure the end-user regarding the stability of their product suite.

The solution

Following close client consultation, we devised and developed the online strategy which culminated in a delivery of web wireframes. Right up front it was clear that the site needed to convey the difference between the two primary Inclarity offerings.

The results

In order to correctly segment the audience, Firedog created a home page design which clearly communicated the two Inclarity product streams, alongside their corporate and partner information. Each of the key aspects of the product groups can easily be accessed directly from the home page. Colour has been used in a constructive fashion to support the product groupings, aiding the user’s experience. These colours follow though to the sublevel page navigation and graphic assets throughout the section. The website visual look and feel is supported by bespoke brand imagery from the Firedog brand development project. The resulting site makes for an easy-to-use site experience with very clear corporate and product information presented to the audience within an aesthetically pleasing interface.

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