We were briefed to design the UX and environment for a student portal called the Hub. It was to be used across multiple platforms and environments. The Hub applications core task was to virtualise all programme materials. These would be traditionally distributed to all students in paper format, and would quickly become irrelevant. The application needed to adapt to the diverse behaviours and environments adopted by the students. We developed HTML5 UIs for iPad / Tablet, Iphone, desktop and mobile. For the tablet version, it was important that the interface tapped into gesture best practice. We created a friendly and clear primary interface with high contrast and large clickable navigation assets. The application responds to the users environment. When in the desktop or laptop mode, content areas take preference with the view that the user is likely to be generating more written content. When tilting the iPad or tablet device the layout reacts and changes the proportions of menu and content items. The landscape double column layout switches to a single column environment. We created the skins of over thirty different page types, so that the application responded to the task at hand. When adapting the design for mobile, we simplified the look and feel and made if far less task orientated, changing it more to the reading medium.