What brings Harneys regional offices together is a strong sense of purpose and values. We wanted to create a cohesive identity vehicle which helped unify the brand. We decided to create a suite of brand assets which could be used to communicate the values in an interesting and different way. We decided on the relationship between gymnasts, both with each other and their environment. When we first engaged with Harneys, we were immediately excited about the extent of their influence across the globe. Our strategic thinking explored ways of bringing this message to an even wider market. We created a suite of powerful imagery that communicated each of the Harneys business values. All effects and subjects were captured in one shot with only minimal post production. We created both full frame and detail imagery, where we captured a single gymnast up close. These images are especially useful for creating dynamic crops. A full set of comprehensive guidelines ensured control and consistency. The suite of brand images captured the business values - Timing, Trust, Reliability, Skill. The project deliverables included the design of an above the line campaign around brand launch. The image based rendering of the business values ensures clear communication. The imagery in conjunction with a clean typographic look and feel creates a memorable and punchy identity The brand application to web continued the brand communication with the key message delivered across the homepage. We delivered around six page type templates for the development team.