The name Geotate is loosely based on the theme of geotation and geotagging. We wanted to explore a clear visual way of communicating this property. We developed a series of brand icons which brought together the G initial and the idea with a tag or pin device. The iconography was combined with a bespoke wordmark - To make the brand truly unique. The auto geotagging proposition was developed to clearly convey the product offer. The final brand identity utilises three pin devices in order to convey tri-angulation - A natural GPS connotation. As the technology would be built into a variety of partners products, we created a comprehensive set of guidelines. The brand devices could be used both locked up together, but also as a supporting device. The product would also involve online technology developments, so we created guidelines around how the digital branding would be controlled. The business communications are a good combination of fresh, contemporary and approachable. In conjunction with the brand, we created a flexible system where the pin icons could be used to create interesting environments. We created powerful imagery to ensure standout for the brand, as it toured around the world. We created guidelines for communications applied to promotions and other areas of marketing. Our imagery communicated the technology product offer to a number of key markets - Here, its professional imaging products.