We developed conceptual avenues around collaboration and created a number of naming strategies for the branding of the software product. We wanted to create an iconic brand which adapted really well to the digital environment. Simplicity and stand out being the key factors. The final brand mark is both minimal and invigorating. The starkness of the black backdrop and clean type is offset by a bright and contemporary symbol. The branding needed to have an engaging and immersive brand look and feel. We developed the idea of slick yet accessible, making sure that the product felt truly plug and play. With the design of the online environment, we made sure that the clear and concise messaging was held within a slick and progressive medium. We developed a number of digital assets to ensure the brand was both transparent and engaging. It was very important to distance the product from the typical dull enterprise look and feel. The combination of a minimal black environment and highly saturated brand assets creates a brand with real visibility and recognition. We wanted the combination of minimal confident typography and an evocative icon to really create a confident and punchy brand.