The foviance name is inspired by the fovea - A part of the human eye. Our initial thinking covered both this avenue and also the concept of creating web stickiness. The Foviance brand is the result of a merger between two companies. The icon is a representation of their new three tiered offering. For the application of the identity we created a graphic language which used arcing shapes covering distances, hinting to the service offering around creating better user experiences online. We created a suite of imagery which was calming and thought provoking - Always rendered in cool blues to offset the warm identity. The imagery used warm spot focused areas to draw attention to certain conceptual metaphors - In this example, partnership. We helped develop the three part positioning statement. Analyse, Rationalise, Optimise - These indicate the three areas of business that make up the Foviance offer. For the primary business communications, this graphic identity was restricted to sweeping arcs of alternative brand colours. The brand naturally extended to the online arena.