We were appointed to assist with the overall strategic positioning of the business and initiated the project with a series of one to one interviews to solidify the brand positioning. We created an automotive brand positioning which encaptured the spirit of renewable energy branding. To commence the creative process we developed a mindmap of all influences upon the brand and it's visual metaphors. We provided a number of creative concepts which covered a broad spectrum of visual identities. We explored numerous concepts around natural power, automotive and energy themes. The brand concepts married symbology from both automotive and renewable sectors. The chosen brand identity was created on the basis of a dynamic identity whereby the brand symbol comprises a variety of harmonious moving parts. The Evenergi renewables brand represents a contemporary next generation automotive identity, built for the future. The cyclical identity is applied across imagery by using the graphic device to highlight specific focal points withint the image. The combination of a techy aesthetic and commanding tone of voice calls upon the target audience to join the EV revolution. The flexible visual identity can be used in many various formats without breaking the core positioning. The brand identity is always supported by succinct and clear copy. The identity contains automotive visual cues which in abstract form help communicate the purpose of the brand. The nature of the identity system allows for flexible application whilst maintaining a unified look. Evenergi also required a technology proposition because a large part of their product offer relates to applications which assist drivers in better understanding energy demand and associated pricing. We worked together with Evenergi engineers on creating a digital identity which applies to apps and software. The entire brand identity has been systemised and summed up in a comprehensive spirit and brand guideline kit.