Who was the client

Epigeum. An e-learning publisher of online e-courses for global universities and research institutions backed by the Imperial College, London.


The work

Brochure design • Photography

The brief

Firedog was asked to create a unique product identity and look and feel for launching three virtual learning environments – each a self contained portal for students to register access and complete e-learning courses online.

The solution

The aim of the project was to create a family of e-learning products under the Epigeum umbrella, with a visual look and feel treatment and unique product identity tailored to the three virtual learning environments (VLEs), each with a different subject and audience. Firedog first created wireframes to plan the user journeys, focusing on engaging messaging to help students easily register and start their courses. This established a design template for creating an overall ‘Epigeum’ look and feel, which was tailored with strong product identity icons and a bespoke illustrative treatment to uniquely position the three VLEs with their respective audiences; undergraduates, post graduates, and medical researchers.

The design included a course ‘dashboard’ to enable students to visually monitor and track progress through courses, and access a downloadable certificate ‘released’ on course completion. Firedog’s solution has enabled Epigeum to continue to develop new e-learning products by using a design template to roll out new virtual learning environments.

The results

Firedog continues to support Epigeum and has delivered a raft of further work, including the re-design of the Imperial College Business School’s e-learning environment.

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