Following strategic orientation with the client, the creative team develop conceptual themes for the brand. The development followed a number of creative avenues - From natural elements, to Spanish medieval stonemasonery to modern European art We wanted to harness the relationship between man and the natural elements, whilst still retaining a respected corporate feel. After a number of creative tangents we settled upon an abstracted flame-flower device. We analysed the mark against direct and indirect competitors and other brand relevant businesses. The Ennera brand mark represents a perfect balance between both an approachable and established feel. The simplicity behind the brand mark enables high legibility. Whereas the detail and the transparency behind the icon add depth and represent the Ennera values. The brand will see itself applied to a number of products - From solar installations to wind turbines. Ennera also engages in green initiatives and development. It is currently involved in projects around powering vehicles at charging stations. The look and feel for communications utilises emotive imagery combined with simple panels of colour. The typography has a playful relationship between upper and lowercase - adding to the personable feel. We developed a system for the product naming within the Ennera brand offer. The guidelines covered the use of natural yet not cheesy imagery. The business cards and stationery conveyed both functional and also sales information.