Who was the client

DJ is a dance music MP3 download service set up by DJs and clubbers for DJs and clubber. The service launched globally in February 2005.


The work

Website • Branding • Design for print

The brief

We pro-actively suggested a strong visual treatment for the online music outfit. We noted that the target audience for the site was predominantly digitally experienced, and thus we designed a visual language which fitted aesthetically into that realm.

The solution

The typical digital music fundi often tinkers around with various music software and a number of these tools use a mock hardware interface. We decided that the site would benefit from a “rack-mounted” modular approach and thus structured content according to it’s position on this virtual piece of hardware.

The results

The design visual was passed on to the DJ Download web build partners as a concept. The build today, whilst visually quite different, still maintains the “rack” design mnemonic.

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