Tasked with creating an exciting digital teaching aid, we applied our minds. First step, the creative vehicle to carry the message. After creating the concept of a pirate adventure, we set about drawing up the plot heroes and villains. We developed numerous characters each with their own story to tell. From Cookie the robotic monkey to Digzumbones the nefarious villain. The animation was composited across no less than six motion layers, contained integrated live action footage, a studio voice over and quite a few scenes. We created a metaphorical environment for the animation; The concept of the internet represented by an ocean, websites become islands, and the intersea explorer, the protagonists trusty ship. The script carried five vital lessons all projected through an interesting narrative - But ultimately with key messages behind the scenery. Here, the Admiral talks to the Smart Crew. All the characters completely rigged and animated in a 3D environment. Cookie being the easiest - He is made of machinery! The Smart Crew uses peer learning to teach young people how to look after themselves online. It was important that the material did not carry an institutional feel. The final animations were hosted both online and also distributed to class rooms around the UK. The DVD pack contains both the animations and also a handy teachers resource kit, showing how to use the animation in class. Keep an eye out for the Mexican edition, released only recently!