The existing branding was tied to a weak brand legacy and needed to be rethought We wanted to create a look and feel which could be instantly recognised and which had a very strong presence on the street. We looked to the emergency services and other striking examples. The patterning of the key idea enabled us to harness the geometry to form a Z icon We wanted to create a very simple and recognisable symbol which would aid recall in the retail environment We chose and crafted a hand cut sans serif The combination of striking colour palette and ownable chevron patterning creates a powerful brand image We worked with manufacturers to create brand assets designed to increase footfall. LED lighting and localised vinyls became the first development. We developed a full suite of literature which carried core messaging that we had established The freedom and strength of the graphical language allowed for great flexibility within a consistent visual framework The brand is supported by dynamic urban imagery rendered in cool tones The resulting angular look and feel creates a highly unique graphic language By following a few simple rules, the graphic language can be formatted to fit any environment The brand has been applied to a myriad of different promotional gear