The British Horseracing Authority were widely known as the BHA. The brand mark needed to reflect this. The BHA's original look and feel was inconsistent and lacked a clear direction Research into governing bodies in sport highlighted the usage of caps and a consistent colour palette that represented Great Britain Angles and graphic shapes were used to add a sense of agility and confidence The brand in full colour is authoritive and confident Brand recognition is immediate; the colour palette is distinctive and eye-catching The branding is flexible for a variety of colour backgrounds. The logo and word mark are distinctive and clear, which aids visibility in the field The brand is strong and easily recognisable on any colour background Custom photography was commissioned to get behind the scenes and document all aspects of racing, from mucking out to weighing in the jockeys The brand is easily controlled with in-depth brand guidelines. The brand offers flexibility to inspire designers but has enough control to maintain the brand authority The guidelines also allow for a range of image treatment techniques. This gives flexibility when rolling the brand out across multiple executions The brand encompasses both formality and a dynamic, progressive feeling This is the branding in a digital space. A secondary colour palette is used for website section colours The brand adapts to suit  its environment The branding at work in a social space