The publication title weaves intrigue and sets up the story about to unfold. The graphic title area has been carefully crafted to convey a circus type feel - The overall size of the publication being a custom larger than A4 size, gives it an impressive impact. Max and Lara are a representation of adventurous young people and their ability to approach challenges with an open mind. This editorial device allowed the audience to fully engage with the stories little challenges. The concept of space circus allowed us to create a myriad of weird characters - Such as Kooloo the space hamster. The learning remit is cleverly disguised within an immersive story-telling environment. The characters and story were sketched up loosely before being digitally illustrated and formed. A relatively tight family of typefaces and a layout grid held the chaotic content together. The book shipped with sticker sheets and a large poster where the readers could track their progress. A second activity sheet allowed the young audience to build certain elements from the story.