In our background research we explored the audiences inspirations in media and defined our brand around established patterns. We created the brand in such a way that it has the ability to change its environment according to the will of the user. We went as far as uploading an editable brand template - So that the creative audience could make the identity theirs. When combining the illustration assets together with layout devices, an instantly recognisable look and feel is created. The primary brand application contained a strong Blast wordmark rendered in a suite of hifi colours. The online and brand media was greatly supported by a large amount of print merchandising, created for the Blast roadshow. The brand graphic devices were created with an exceptionally freestyle framework. This generated a dynamic visual identity which did not look tired or dull. We created a number of branded illustrations, a punk inspired typographic feel and a harmonious suite of graphic devices. We created all the brand messaging. The strapline encourages young people to have the confidence to turn their skills in producing creativity for real, as opposed to just a vision. A powerful application for the brand was a set of articulated trucks which toured the UK for a period of eight months, designed to bring creativity to the far reaches of the community. The target audience engaged both in workshops and learning environments and also utilised the supporting online creative social network. The project was completed with an extensive fifty page brand and spirit guide which aided the BBC internal staff in extending the brand into the future. The supporting visual identity behind the brand featured a series of composite and seperate illustrations around the five core creative disciplines.