We were invited to pitch alongside four other creative agencies. We set about creating ideas that were cerebral and individual. All our ideas worked off the belief that whilst the 6music listeners varied their tastes in genres, they could all be seen to be independent thinkers. The concept which won the pitch was formed by combining portraits of the presenters with found objects. Inducing an individual and often comedic result. The deliverables also included a set of generic templates so that the BBC team could add new shows. Also, this template helped for guest DJs, collaborations or other special events. Whilst the look and feel consistantly represented the overall 6music branding, each show page carried its own spirit and message through the careful selection of graphic bric-a-brac. Each show page carries the personality and style of the presenter across to the audience. The BBC team have been able to take the brand toolkit and have developed further pages, such as the 6music home page here. The BBC team chose to the build of the 6music site across a number of suppliers - Our creative digital branding slotted neatly within the new interface language. The presenters pages were unified via the consistant quality of the portraiture, the community illlustration and the use of abstract light wave imagery. The show names are locked up into panels falling within the show graphics - Keeping vital information on a legible background. The subtle use of colour and complexity hints at the presenter style of music and show.