We wanted to tap into the sensory experience of sound, and therefore we focused on where your mind travels to when listening to a piece of music We combined images of the audience with their eyes closed together with moody environmental imagery We used a combination of rural and urban scenery to illustrate the broad changes in mood and tempo associated with classical music We deliberately worked with real people - either friends of Firedog or the Barbican center The assets are combined with key copy and utilised across all print and ambient media We used a limited palette of neutrals combined with acidic primaries in order to create a series of memorable imagery We created a suite of sixteen images to ensure depth and flexibility in the campaign The campaign has run for four weeks with 255 posters across 129 London Underground stations The extensive placement of media on the Tube combined with the broad use of varying assets created a recognisable and striking campaign The calm nature of the subjects placed in a simple background enabled great flexibility in layout and positioning The Barbican utilised the campaign assets across all their digital channels from home page to facebook and social media outlets The campaign retained the use of the existing Barbican brand guidelines so that it did not feel out of place with existing Barbican communications