The development is located in the Aldgate area along Commercial Road. The area is a period of thriving regeneration with media and technology influences, yet is still very central within zone 1. We created the master plan brand alongside the subsequent three sub-brands within the family. The E1 area has an exciting fresh feel, closely related to the evolution of the Tech City initiative. At the same time, there is a link with the past trading and industrial history of the area. All this creates an authentic narrative which we sought to harness. We wanted the visual identity to be crisp and contemporary, yet also to be crafted from an artisan outlook. We researched hand cut and machined type which conveyed the feel that we were after. We decided that the brands would all work together to create a continuous and strong centralised identity. We felt that the commercial and student offering would be closely aligned and created a brand system which unified the environment. We created a series of brand identities which whilst able to work independently, also gave the development the ability to tactfully market separate propositions to varying audiences. We offset the stark black and white brand look and feel with full colour imagery that we had created from a series of lifestyle and location based photoshoots. The target audience is the international student. Therefore the primary brand application is the digital environment. We built a wordpress powered CMS based web portal containing the sub branded websites. The brand exhibits at a number of shows around the world and we have produced a number of supporting materials. We chose uncoated stock for the correspondence stationery to create a premium feel. We have created printed communications for the brands including flyers, posters, brochures and mailers. There are a set of premium studios as well as a 18 floor tower available to students. The access runs through the commercial zone, so the identities need to work together. We were inspired by the commercial offering - An old warehouse and brewery building from the Victoria period. We created the Fabricca brand identity to reflect the utilitarian nature of the space. The Fabricca brand communicates the authentic values of the Victorian construction yet also fits with the new tech feel of the area. The Fabricca brand has its own dedicated website and brochure designed to sell the key attributes of the commercial development. The site is also built on the Wordpress CMS system.