The images behind the campaign were created in a studio with many hands on deck. We wanted to create an almost mechanical feel behind the Aristocrat girls, a homage to the product behind the campaign. This involved silver props and a heavy dose of post production. We created the images with three girls - One representing each of the Aristocrat products. They were featured together to sell the suite and also as individuals at product level. We captured light wave imagery in a different shot and dropped it over the girls to create a fantasy feel. The colour of the light was again used to communicate the variation in product. The resulting imagery in place at events, created an eye grabbing visual language. We purposely used the height of the stand to ensure long distance visibility. The power and simplicity behind the campaign imagery really shines through at the many events that Aristocrat attend or host around the world. We supported the campaign with a number of merchandising goodies - Here, packs of cards with branded messaging. The campaign also extended to the marketing communications for the entire year. Here is the extensive product brochure. The campaign drummed up attention for the ICE event, which is hosted at Earls Court every year.